A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

in the summer of 2019, i legally changed my name. 

"what's your name?" is a semi-fictional visual novel about my name change process - the paperwork i had to file, the people i had to talk to, the time i had to wait. this game was made for the GEMS class at UCLA, run by professor danny snelson, but it was also made for myself. and now i'd like to share it with you!


art, writing, code - sxilin
sound - bbc sound effects & zapsplat

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsFurry, LGBT, Narrative


whatsyourname-1.0-pc.zip 212 MB
whatsyourname-1.0-mac.zip 194 MB


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A very beautiful game, thank you for creating this.  I'm glad you managed to get your name changed even if it was quite a while ago now!

thank you so much for playing!!


Base on review it sound a good VN but sadly theres no android :( , anyways have a nice day

/*cough* android *cough*/


hi! not sure what review you were looking at, but this vn was based on events in my life, so unfortunately no androids here!


I think they mean the smartphone os

i think you missed the funny


perhaps, but something needed to be said just in case it was not, in fact, a funny. I misunderstand things in the same way all the time lol.


i confess that i actually took their comment literally at first and didn't even think that they might be asking for a smartphone port, lol. nonetheless, this game was made in renpy and i don't really have the technical know-how to make a mobile game, so unfortunately, the android will still be out of reach!


Wonderful ;; hit me really hard when i'm considering my own name change at the moment


so glad you enjoyed it!! best of luck on whatever you decide! ; _;<3

(1 edit) (+1)

The artstyle is cute, the story is wonderful and I love the peacefulness and story that's modern and relatable to quite a lot of people, absolutely loved this ^^ especially where you need to re-type your name quite a few times, definitely a way of giving the emotions needed

Was expecting different storylines with different choices tho tbh but it's good uwu


sorry for the extremely belated response!! thank you so much for your feedback, i'm very glad you enjoyed it :)

this was a project i finished in about a month, so it's not too in depth! hopefully in the future i can make things that branch out a bit further! thank you so much for playing nonetheless~~


Wonderful and cute nwn


Thank you so much!


Wonderful game! Gorgeous art and a heartfelt, gentle language. The need to re-type your name over and over is such a clever and simple way of hammering home the anxiety of name changing. I loved it!


DUDE THANK U SO MUCH <333 this has been a really great class with you and hopefully we can make cool things together in the future as well!!!


I just played this!!! The art is lovely and the story really speaks to you! ;; (especially the paypal stuff...)

Everytime it asked for my name i was nervous about what would happen if i typed it wrong LOL. A very nice play through!!! <33333 Thank you for making this game!!!


thank you so much for playing!!! hehe theres no penalty for the names, it can really be anything you'd like it to be (o:

i'm very glad you liked it, thanks for taking the time to let me know <3